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Matt Broadway-Horner is conducting research into the experiences of the ageing population. This has a specific focus and Matt chooses to look at transgender and ageing. If you are aged 50 and above please spare 10 minutes to complete my survey.

The results from this survey will be used to link in with policy makers to make a difference by reducing anti-discriminatory practices within health and public services. Your name is not required and so is an anonymous survey and the data collected will be stored securely. Your IP address is not collected or stored in the survey monkey system.

This questionnaire has been composed by Matt Broadway-Horner for this research which has been granted ethical clearance from Robert Gordon University 2017. Please feel free to add as much as you want to in telling me about your experiences. Many of the questions have an open text box so that you have this freedom. The purpose behind this survey is to find out the experience of ageing for a population that is underrepresented in social policy. Now the ageing population is booming and presents services with challenges that need to met. I recently published on the topic of ageing in LGBTI populations in an academic book that pursues the topic of encouraging healthcare workers to pursue antidiscriminatory practice.

As a senior clinician and researcher I am wanting to encourage my colleagues in health to tackle inequalities. You are under no obligation to answer any question. If you want to leave blank then that is fine. If you wish to email me then its m.broadwayhorner@ If you need support then contact Philip Moir Engagement & Information Officer at LGBT Consortium 020 7064 6502 (Direct Dial)

Link to Survey 

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